Air Awnings

Air Awnings

Self-inflatable Air tents with build in air poles have become a great hit amongst camping enthusiasts and the lightness of the tent combined with the ease of setting it up has been the talk of the town. If you need a tent with inflatable air poles, you will find it here on the page. At your preferred camping specialist,, we offer various Air tent models of different designs and sizes from brands such as Kampa, Outwell and DWT, helping you to prepare for the camping season.

High quality lightweight tents  

There are many advantages in acquiring an Air tent; they have a low weight, they are easy to transport and incredibly easy and quick to set up. The effective and uncomplicated approach to setting up Air tents is worth marking for you who does not want any trouble or hassle when preparing your tent. The self-inflatable Air tents come in many different sizes, models and designs produced by companies such as Outwell, Kampa and DWT.

Take a closer look at DWT’s version of the Rapid Air tent here on this page. The system used in these types of Air tents is called Air-In and it ensures that the tent inflates as fast as possible via three build in air chambers. The set up only takes a few minutes, is a true time saver, and yet is as stable as your conventional tent poles.

The Kampa brand offers something close to Air tent perfection in the form of their Ace Air 400. An Air tent of this sort ensures you plenty of room, with a depth of three meters and a length of four full meters. Air tents such as this also come with windows on the sides and in the roof, letting air out and the light into your tent.

The Air-In system if the Air tents allows for a quick set up of your new tent. It is both functional and effective without compromising the stability. Some of the Air tents have built in ten centimetre thick air chambers for stability, while other types of Air tents fill up their built in air chambers through a double-acting pump.

No matter which Air tent model you settle for here at, you are guaranteed to save both time and energy when setting it up.