Isabella Awnings

Isabella Awnings

Isabella tents is just one of many popular camping brands we work with here at but it is no coincidence that Isabella has become the preferred brand on the Danish market. Isabella is at the forefront of design and product development of innovative solutions in the world of tents. Isabella tents is always a guarantee for quality whatever the type of product and below you will find our large selection of excellent Isabella tents for very reasonable prices.

Remember: We do not just sell tents! Through our repair department and our assortment of spare parts we can maintain your tent for years to come.

Isabella awnings

At, you can always find an extensive selection of Isabella awnings and tents. We have a wide variety of Isabella awnings and tens in various colours, sizes and designs.

At, we are always up to date on the latest products and keep an almost daily dialogue with the Isabella factory, which ensures that we are familiar with the new and innovative developments on the Isabella tent scene. That is why we like to say, that if the Isabella factory has the item, so do we.

Isabella tents come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Whether you prefer to camp during the spring, the summer or throughout the year, Isabella produces awnings for every need.

If you prefer to go camping in the late spring, summer or early fall, we have all kinds of Isabella awnings and shade sails to suit your needs. In our summer assortment, you can choose between many different types, depending on your wishes. Do you happen to be a permanent resident and in need of a large tent that does not require being moved around all the time, you could benefit from the larger series such as Isabella Penta, which is the preferred choice of many camping enthusiasts. Or are you more of a traveller and therefore always on the move, then perhaps you ought to take a look at the Isabella Ambassador, renowned for its uncomplicated setup system, or maybe the Isabella Magnum series which is also known as a ‘travel tent’ - perfect for the travelling man, woman or family.

Are you leaning towards the easy solution in the summertime, when the weather is hot and inviting then you might be looking for a shade sail. Isabella has designed a selection of shade sails, ideal for the warm summer days when a closed awning might be too hot. With a shade sail from Isabela, you can sit comfortably in the shade and enjoy the holiday and the lovely weather.

Should you be more interested in camping during the colder parts of the years, a winter awning from Isabella might be your solution. Camping during the colder months means that you usually stay inside but it is still both pleasant and different with a small tent, which just so happens also to be fit for storage.

No matter the need, we are sure to have an Isabella awning in just the right size and price range for you.

Other than the many Isabella tents, you also find a repair department here at Through our repair department and our assortment of spare parts, we maintain your Isabella tent for years to come.

Should you have any question regarding any Isabella product, you are naturally more than welcome to contact us.